About Us

Smart gold london

Smart Gold London was started with the goal of providing consumers a trusted, safe and convenient way to sell their unwanted gold and scrap jewellery for cash.Our mission is to pay you top dollar for your gold or unwanted jewellery.
Almost everyone, has old gold jewellery, that they no longer enjoy, tucked away in their drawers, locked away for safe keeping or at the bottom of their jewellery box.
These gold items are made from coveted precious metal, and with today's gold prices at an all time high, these gold items have significant cash value, when sold to SMART GOLD. Make SMART GOLD your choice.
We are truly 100% Canadian owned and operated. As professional gold buyers, SMART GOLD, is a strong supporter of recycling gold. We want to do our part to counteract the environmental damage caused by mining on our planet.
We service Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island (PEI), Northwest Territories (NWT), Nunavut and the Yukon.


As proud members of Jewellers Vigilance Canada, we are strong proponents of maintaining a high level of ethics, honesty, accuracy, professionalism and best practices in the Canadian marketplace.


We only use the most sophisticated technology in our laboratory to test your items for actual gold content. We believe that utilizing the best tools and technology provides our customers with the reliability they are looking for when selling their gold items.

Professional assessment

Every item that is sent to SMART GOLD it is assessed in-house, and we only employ trained staff to determine the value of your gold items.